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Mister Tidwell is always thinking dirty thoughts


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Mister Tidwell is always thinking dirty thoughts

Baxter Tidwell

He does because he must. In order to defeat your enemy, you need to think like him. Mister Tidwell’s enemy is dirt. Grime. Grease. But that’s not all. Mister Tidwell also has another enemy: toxic detergents.

Too many people use supermarket soaps because they think these soaps get them clean. Mister Tidwell knows better. He knows that the harsh chemicals in these soaps do more harm than good, leaving skin dry and chapped. Worse, many of these detergents have been linked to cancer and worse.

Mister Tidwell makes soap from all natural ingredients. In fact, right up until it becomes soap, Mister Tidwell’s Soap is food. The main ingredients are beef tallow, coconut oil, and shea butter. Nothing that would require a degree in chemistry to understand.

Mister Tidwell makes his soap gentle on the skin, but hard on dirt. Most commercial soaps strip natural body oils and so must include other chemical softeners to replace these oils. Mister Tidwell’s soap gets rid of dirt and grime, while leaving rich butters and oils to make your skin soft and moist.

Mister Tidwell has a dirty mind so you can have clean skin.

Somebody’s gotta do it.