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Terms & Conditions

Mister Tidwell is sure you're gonna love his soap. His minions are dedicated to making every buyer happy and clean.

Just one thing you should know that you already know because you are a human who has been living on this planet for more than two years:

Don't get soap in your eyes.

That's about it. No matter how mild the soap, it's gonna sting a bit if you should get it into your eyes. We can't be responsible for what happens in that case. So please be careful.

You probably shouldn't eat soap, either. Yuck. And we've had reports of dogs eating the soap. They probably smell the remnants of the tallow. While it might look funny when your pooch is belching bubbles, he'll probably hate you for laughing and plan to get even with you when you're not looking. It's best to keep real soap out of reach of your dog. Cats are smarter and probably won't eat soap. But they will certainly laugh at the dog. It's what cats do.

And be careful if you step on it. It's slippery.

If you hurt yourself in the proximity of our soap, you can let us know and we'll feel bad for you. But we can't accept any responsibility for your actions. Learn to live with that and be careful.

More about the soap production process can be found in Mister Tidwell's Blog.